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Green Gold

Green Gold

Green Gold

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Dosage form: 100 tablets

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Green Gold is a well balanced supplement based on spirulina and other natural ingredients that enhance vitality, and adjust to environmental stress and climate change. This product is especially indispensable in the spring and fall.

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  • It slows down the processes of aging due to the antioxidant properties of the ingredients and how it effectively supports the immune system.
  • The product boosts energy levels.

Nutritional Information

Multiple nutrients found in spirulina nourish, protect, and cleanse simultaneously. Glutamic acid contained in the seaweed serves as the principal fuel for brain cells and promotes mental clarity.

Papaya fruit promotes the absorption of nutrients.

Ginseng root is a powerful source of energy. It is especially effective after physical exertion or illnesses. It has a positive effect on endocrine and cardiovascular systems and normalizes blood pressure.

The composition of the proteins found in Bee pollen is very close to the composition of the proteins of human blood. This makes Bee pollen proteins a very desirable and valuable nutrient. Bee pollen acts as an excellent adaptogen increasing resistance to stress and energizes after stress and physical exertion.


Take six tablets daily.