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HydraCel is a mineral concentrate that reduces surface tension of water thus improving such characteristics of intercellular fluids as pH and specific conductivity. It activates involvement of fluids in the biochemical processes.

HydraCel is Coral Club’s branded Dr. Patrick Flanagan’s Crystal Energy.


HydraCel (Crystal Energy) is the key that unlocks the potential of water as the medium for nutrient replenishment and waste removal at the cellular level. In a state of dehydration, body cells cannot assimilate nutrients and remove waste. Dehydration also occurs as a side effect of caffeine. Caffeine effects include anxiety, dizziness, headaches, sleep disorders, and many common ailments. HydraCel also helps fight the negative effects of alcohol, stress, and free radicals as part of aging.

  • helps improve biological properties of fluids;
  • helps ensure complete hydration of cells in the human body;
  • helps increase the absorption of nutrients and their delivery to the cells.

Nutritional Information

Besides an ability to reduce the surface tension of water, the mineral components of this product (calcium, silicon, and magnesium) help supplement and maintain the balance of minerals in the body.


Mix HydraCel with water for drinking by adding 8 drops (.28 ml) of HydraCel to 8 fl. oz. of water.

Drink up to 64 fl. oz. of this mixture daily.