We built this site with the inspiration and love for our daughter.

As our baby grows, we are already thinking about her future, her dreams, and her journey to adulthood. I thought about this beautiful young baby, that would be a child, and eventually a teenager, then a woman, with her own life. We waited for that magical day when she was to be born. As a mother, carrying my baby for 9 months I focused on providing her with the safest, cleanest environment possible. Nutrition was a big part of our journey together, including clean, toxin free drinking water, fresh fruits and vegetables. Taking the necessary vitamins, and amino acids, and probiotics. As predicted by our doctor, 9 moths came and went, our little miracle was born. She was happy, healthy with 10 little fingers and 10 little toes it was amazing in an instant, we were a family.  My dreams were fulfilled, I had a heathy baby, perfect in every way,

I started to think about what this experience meant to me.

I realized this was beyond life changing, it was a true awakening of spirit for, me and my whole family. I started to think about other parents, and how we all share the same desire to bring happy healthy children into this world, to help them grow, to nurture them preparing them to inherit the world you build for them. You want them to be as healthy as possible, free from diseases and ailments. There are more than just viral and bacterial issues out there, there are toxins and chemicals that can be found in everyday items we eat and drink. Things we buy can be processed or chemically treated for several reasons, none of them are nutrition based choices. Our water has chemicals in it, normally to keep the drinking water safe and free from disease, but these chemicals themselves are harmful to the body.  You get the sense sometimes the world is out to get you, with pollution in the air, the food, the water, the chemicals we are prescribed for when we are sick. Paranoia would be a natural response, but before we get paranoid, let’s get educated, hence, you are here, and thanks for coming. Together if we take responsibility for the world we created, and try to make it better for our children, they will have the chance to make it better for theirs.