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Premium Plankton Oil (60 capsules)

Premium Plankton Oil (60 capsules)

Premium Plankton Oil

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Calanus Oil is a source of a unique form of omega-3 obtained from Arctic zooplankton.

  • A natural product derived from zooplankton living in the pristine, cold North Atlantic waters.
  • Contains omega-3 and other unsaturated fats in a rare form of wax esters and astaxanthin.
  • Each capsule contains 500 mg of Calanus Oil.


Calanus Oil

Calanus is a miniature crustacean and a representative of zooplankton widely found in the cold waters of the North Atlantic. Calanus Oil is a completely natural product. It contains unsaturated fats, primarily omega-3, and the carotenoid astaxanthin. The fats in calanus have a unique form of wax esters and are digested slowly, unlike the triglyceride, ethyl ester, and phospholipid forms commonly found in fish and krill oil. Due to its slow digestion, calanus oil reaches the lower parts of the intestine, where it can have an impact on maintaining normal metabolism. Astaxanthin belongs to the group of carotenoid pigments and gives calanus oil its vibrant red color.

The harvesting of calanus does not harm the population or marine environment, and the oil production process is chemical-free, making it an environmentally friendly product.

Vitamin E

Protects cells from oxidative stress, which is why this vitamin is sometimes referred to as the “youth vitamin.”

Nutritional Information

Per 1 Capsules:

Zooca™ Lipid Oil (Calanus finmarchicus)   500 mg

(including Omega-3 Fatty Acids    92,5 mg    and Astaxanthin   0,3 mg)

vitamin E (as D-alpha-tocopherol)    3,4 mg)


Adults take one capsule twice a day with food.