Acai nutritional products are derived from the acai palm tree grapes. The palms are found in the Southern America rainforests. In many health related areas, acai is considered a wonder or superfood. This is due to its many health benefits. The benefits are thought to be due the berries’ powerful antioxidant properties in addition to their nutritive value.


Acai contains anthocyanins. These are effective antioxidants that help to reduce the freely circulating excess free radicals from the body.

Supports heart health

Lower cholesterol levels means the blood vessels are not clogged with fatty plaques and so circulation is easier. These promote less circulation resistance and hence easier work for the heart. Acai also contains healthy plant sterols that support cell functions and reduces blood viscosity. This further supports easier blood flow.  One of the overall benefits of these is the maintenance of a healthy blood pressure level.

Acai supports the immune system

Acai contains Vitamin C. this is a vitamin that has been studied widely. It is a special antioxidant among other benefits. In one study (PLoS One February 2011 online version), acai was found to trigger immune response that may help people who suffer from allergic conditions that include asthma.

Other studies have also indicated that the polyphenolic compounds in acai have cancer suppressing properties. They have been found to arrest cancerous changes at the molecular level of the cell. Further studies may prove beneficial to the fight against cancer.

These are just a few of the benefits of acai. Sexual health, digestive health and improved mental functions are other areas that acai supports. Overall health is the ultimate benefit of this natural superfood.