Since its founding in 1998 Coral Club has grown into a leading producer and promoter of healthy lifestyle products.

The company makes use of innovative methodologies and cutting edge R&D in healthcare, offering top quality products with maximized nutritional value that help create a healthy balance within the body.

Coral Club products range is constantly being improved and expanded thanks to the never-ceasing research and development that is being conducted for us by leading R&D establishments and experts around the world.

The company’s mission is to improve quality of life and health. Thus Coral Club top priority is to promote a healthy lifestyle, which starts with nutrition and goes all the way to positive thinking.

The main goal of Coral Club is internal and external beauty of the human being, which Coral Club aims to achieve through natural products and by promoting healthy lifestyles,  that help people stay healthy and have plenty of energy. Coral Club people are convinced that beauty inside and outside follows directly from how we live and that means that if we want to improve and enjoy the world around us we have to start with ourselves. People who have deliberately chosen to live long and active lives are happy to share their discoveries with others. We each participate in the creation of harmony and beauty. And thus Coral Club mission can be summed up as «Make the World Beautiful!».