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Zinc Methionine 15 mg (90 vegetable capsules)

Zinc Methionine 15 mg (90 vegetable capsules)

Zinc Methionine 15 mg

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Dosage form: 90 capsules

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A source of zinc in the form of chelated* zinc compounded with the amino acid methionine.

  • 15 mg of elemental zinc in 1 capsule
  • Increased bioavailability**
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Supports health and beauty of skin, hair and nails
  • Protects from oxidative stress



Zinc is one of the most common trace elements in the human body. Its highest amount is in bones and muscles, it is also present in skin, retina, brain, liver, pancreas and prostate glands.. In addition, zinc is part of many enzymes that are necessary for a variety of biochemical reactions and affects antioxidant protection, digestive processes, protein, fat and carbohydrate metabolism, as well as tissue regeneration, immune cell development functions, hemoglobin synthesis and much more.


Zinc absorption is closely related to one’s diet. Despite a sufficient number of zinc-containing food sources (meat, poultry, dairy products, seafood, eggs), there are many foods that significantly inhibit its assimilation when taken together. These products include crops, legumes, nuts, seeds, as well as some cereals, fruits and vegetables – they contain natural substances phytates, which form compounds with zinc that are inaccessible to the body.

Chelated zinc compound, with the amino acid methionine, helps protect zinc from factors that impair its bioavailability and improve its assimilation.

*Chelated compounds are mineral compounds with organic molecules, most often amino acids. Chelated compounds have a special structure that determines their stability and improves absorption by the body.

**Compared with inorganic forms of zinc.

Nutritional Information

Zinc (mono-L-methionine sulfate) 15 mg, auxiliary components.



Adults: 1 capsule daily with meals.