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Daily Delicious Beauty Shake Vanilla (25 g)

Daily Delicious Beauty Shake Vanilla (25 g)

Daily Delicious Beauty Shake Vanilla (25 g)

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Dosage form: 25 g

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Daily Delicious™ Beauty Shakes with  vanilla flavors are great source of protein, collagen, vitamins and minerals. It is the right and delicious way to improve your health, fill you up with beauty and overall vitality.



Daily Delicious Beauty Shakes:

– a unique balanced formula, combining three valuable sources of protein (both animal- and plant-based): milk protein, whey protein concentrate and soy protein isolate.

– hydrolyzed collagen Verisol® from the leading producer of innovative forms of collagen in the world.

– the most important vitamins and minerals to support and maintain beauty and youthfulness (Vitamins A, E, C, group B, PP, Magnesium, Copper and Selen);

Provides our bodies with protein, which is a major component of cells and tissues.

Supports overall health, keep your skin elastic and firm, hair lustrous and nails strong.

Provides necessary vitamins and minerals

Helps to increase your stamina and overall vitality.

Nutritional Information


25 g of powder per day with meals, previously dissolved in one glass (250 ml) of skim milk (1.5%).

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