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MagiCal is a product rich in minerals derived from natural marine sediment. It is effective for strengthening the musculoskeletal system and for reducing the risk of osteoporosis.

  • The product prevents the development of diseases associated with calcium deficiency and mineral unbalance.
  • It strengthens bone and muscle tissue.
  • The supplement helps to heal in the process of rehabilitation after injuries, surgeries, and diseases.


Minerals from marine sediment have a greater bioavailability, i.e. they are more readily absorbed by the human body.

Calcium is the most important macro element for human health. It is indispensable for bone growth and strength, as well as for preventing fractures. Calcium is involved in the transmission of nerve impulses therefore promoting mobility of muscles and joints.

Magnesium is another major component of bone tissue, necessary to maintain healthy bone density. It prevents excessive excretion of calcium and regulates metabolism.

Zinc and copper help maintain normal blood composition and participate in the synthesis of myelin that coats nerve fibers.

Silica is essential in the synthesis of collagen (a structural element of tendon and articular cartilage tissues).

Manganese is involved in the synthesis of chondroitin sulfate and glucosamine (two elements essential for normal functioning of the joints).

Nutritional Information


Take two tablets after your evening meal or before bedtime. Increase to four tablets per day over a 5-7 day period in order to introduce MagiCal to the body gradually.

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